Taikonaut watch band

19-21mm Super Engineer II OME Seatbelt Brush

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19mm or 20mm or 21mm Super Engineer Type II Flatten Solid Stainless Steel Straight End Watch Band, Solid OME seatbelt clasp, Brushed

Item number?? ?:?? ?SS202015B024-XX
Brand Name?? ?:?? ?Super Engineer Type II
Lug width?? ?:?? 19mm or 20mm or 21mm
Buckle size?? ?:?? ?20mm
Buckle Include?? ?:?? ?Yes
Buckle type / Finish?? ?:?? ?Solid 316L stainless steel Brushed OME Seat belt Clasp (OM20-015B)
Overall Length?? ?:?? ?187mm - 100mm
Thickness?? ?:?? ?4.6mm
Spring bar hole dia.?? ?:?? ?2.5mm (included)
Design to fit ?? ?:?? ?All watches with 19mm or 20mm or 21mm lug width
Material?? ?:?? ?316L stainless steel?
Color / Finish?? ?:?? ?Brushed
Max. length?? ?:?? ?187mm
Min.length ?? ?:?? ?100mm
Net Weight ?? ?:?? ?122g
Lug end style?? ?:?? ?Straight End
Adjustment type?? ?:?? ?Screw fixed Links + 6 micro holes
Remarks?? ?:?? ?(ACC-OM20-015B)

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