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Off White Punch Holes Silicone Strap

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Off White Punch Holes Buckle Type Silicone Dive Watch Strap in Various Stitch Colors, Polished Buckle
3 punch holes padded shape design silicone watch band ideal for diver watches or sport watches. Silicon is a comfortable & eco-friendly material very suitable for outdoor activities such as swimming & other water sports. Under layer engraved with pattern to minimize the contact surface and to provide a comfortable wearing. Advanced dust proof treatment to ensure your best performance. Waterproof characteristic also a good choice for excessive sweating.

Lug width : 20mm or 22mm
Color : Off White
Buckle size / Finish : Same with Lug width / Polished (Buckle Included)
Overall Length : 115mm + 75mm
Thickness : about 5mm~4 mm
Spring bar hole dia. : 1.78mm
Material : Eco-friendly Silicone
Lug end style : Straight End
Adjustment type : Buckle adjustment
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