Taikonaut watch band

Button Control Wetsuit Ratchet Buckle Clasp


Ratchet Buckle Clasp is an ideal Wetsuit watch band buckle. The ratchet theory extension mechanism is of great importance for both convenience and safety.

Buckle size : 22mm, 20mm or 18mm (Strap Buckle size)?
Buckle type : 316L Stainless Steel Clasp with Ratchet Theory Extension Mechanism
Thickness : Apply for Strap thickness approx. 4-5mm
Overall Size :
22mm: 45mm x 24mm x 8.2mm thick
20mm:?45mm x 22mm x 8.2mm thick
18mm: 45mm x 20mm x 8.2mm thick

Material : Stainless Steel (Top Quality 316L)
Color / Finish : Brushed
Net Weight : 39g / 36g / 33g
Adjustment type : Ratchet adjust 10mm
Remarks : Design to fit 22mm or 20mm Buckle Mesh, Metal or Silicon Watch Strap in thickness approx. 4 - 5mm

SKU Overview:?CLASP22-017B /?CLASP20-017B /?CLASP18-017B

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