Taikonaut watch band

24mm Solid Link Heavy Mesh Band OME Seatbelt


Item number : DB242415B001

Brand Name : Heavy Mesh
Lug width : 24mm
Buckle size : 24mm
Buckle Include : Yes
Buckle type / Finish : Solid 316L stainless steel Brushed OME Seat belt Clasp (OM24-015B)
Overall Length : 193 - 117mm
Thickness : Mesh : 4.0mm ; ?Stainless Steel Solid Link : 5.0mm
Spring bar hole dia. : 1.78mm (not included)
Design to fit : All watches with 24mm lug width
Material : 316L Stainless Steel, 1.2 Wire Mesh
Color / Finish : Brushed
Max. length : 189mm
Min.length : 117mm
Net Weight : 128g
Lug end style : Straight End
Adjustment type : Pin fixed Links + 6 micro hole type adjustment
Remarks : (ACC-OM24-015B)

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