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20mm MiLTAT G10 Nylon - Green & White


MiLTAT 20mm G10 military watch strap ballistic nylon school look armband - Green & White

G10 military watch strap double thickness high density ballistic nylon. Approximate 1.5mm thick, tight up with four 316L stainless steel ring. New palette of colors strip, look excellent on military or dive watches. Nylon are cut and simultaneously sealed using ultrasonic knives to prevent fraying.

Brand Name : MiLTAT
Lug width : 20mm
Buckle size : 20mm
Hardware Material : 316L stainless steel
Hardware Finish (options) : Polished or Burshed
Overall Length : 280mm or 11 inch
Thickness : approx. 1.5mm
Spring bar hole dia. : Not applicable
Strap Material : Ballistic nylon
Color : Green & White

Design to fit : All watches with 20mm lug width such as RX
SKU Overview : 20A20PZZ00N2P11 & 20A20BZZ00N2P11

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